Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Maddie's in the house!

The publishing house, that is. Only six days in advance of the launch at Owls Nest Books in Calgary SW. Not that we were getting nervous or anything....

Anyway, here's the first view of the second edition. This one is lacking Robin's working drawings from the special-run conference edition (those are all gone to good homes weeks ago), but it has six lovely line drawings scattered through the text.

Soon to be available in-store at Owls Nest Books. They'll take phone or online orders, and if you can't get to the launch, ask them to hold an autographed copy for you.

More launch details coming very soon! Look for news of our wonderful musical guests!

Also available now for Kindle, Kobo, and paperback pre-order via Tyche Books
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository
and Amazon