What I Write

Steampunk Stories:

Maddie Hatter and the Timely Taffeta (Tyche Books October 2017)

Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge (Tyche Books April 2017)

Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond (Tyche Books, 2015)

The Evil Eye of Africa - a guess-the-murderer game in two acts

Parasol Dueling: An Epistle on the Infamous Hungarian Imperial Rules

Dueling Figures in Daily Life, in A Guidebook to Parasol Dueling - the Brandenburg Variation (Written by Kevin Jepson, with original artwork by Audra Balion)

Coming Soon: 

Maddie Hatter and the Singapore Sting (Tyche Books, June 2018)

Recent anthology appearances:

 Twenty Years on Snowshoes (NOWW, August 2017)
Wedding Snaps, The Whole She-Bang 3 (Sisters-in-Crime Toronto, November 2016)
When the Tide Burns. Enigma Front: BURNT (Analemma, August 2016)
Sudden Death. AB Negative. (Coffin Hop Press, August 2015)
Quest for Parts. Enigma Front (Analemma, August 2015)
Easter Aches. World Enough & Crime. (Carrick Publishing, 2014)

  Awards and Honours 

  •  Saskatchewan Writers Guild Award for Children’s Literature, 1990, for “Princess Alex and the Dragon Deal”
  •  CWA 2001 Short Fiction third prize for “Lake View”
  •  CWA 2002 Short Fiction first prize for “The Toothpick Bridge”
  •  Toronto Star Short Story Contest, 2002, long-listed for “Half Hour to Sunset
  • Great Canadian Story 2003, third prize for “The Medicine Line? 
  • Freefall Magazine Prose Contest, 2004, second prize “Hallowe’en Kisses
  • Great Canadian Story 2005, third prize for “Blood and Bone”
  • Great Canadian Story 2006, third prize for “Tommy Palmer’s Ghost”
  • CWC Unhanged Arthur 2008, long-listed for “Tea & Tommyguns”
  • CWC Unhanged Arthur 2011, short-listed for “When the Bow Breaks”
  • Bloody Words 2011, Bony Pete prize for “Each Canadian Son”
  • NOWW 2012 Fiction Contest, First prize for “Trail of the Wolf”
  • Debut Dagger 2013, Highly Commended for “When the Bow Breaks”
  • Dundurn Unhanged Arthur 2016, Winner for "When the Flood Falls"
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