Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holly-Jolly Holiday Tableware

Because at heart we all adore those impractical, once-a-year dishes, right?

First up, from Limoges: for all your morning coffee or afternoon tea guests, or to treat your senses for a perfect, solitary cup of your favourite hot beverage:


 To go with elegantly modern or Art Deco decor, here's a whole line of Meissen 'Wave Pur' with holly, all the way down to napkin rings like this one. What shade of napkin would you use with this?
And this fruit bowl. Who says you have to fill with fruit? Why not mini-muffins or dainty liqueur truffles?

For a slightly more robust - or rambunctious - party, picture still-warm spiced muffins on this pretty plate from Portmeiron, Wales .

  There's a whole line of it, including teapot. Great for a hearty after-sleighride event. 

Happy Holiday Dreaming!

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